Riverston- Mathale Sri Lanka


Riverston (Ududumbara)


Riverstone is one of the most beautiful places in Sri Lanka

Riverstone is located 28km from the town of Matale in the Matale District. Located about 30 miles away. Riverstone is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sri Lanka and abroad and is part of the Knuckles Reserve. This is a beautiful place bordering the Dumbara Forest Reserve which stretches from Matale to Rattota. A data transmission tower has been installed at the top of the Riverstone Mountains, prohibiting vehicular traffic.

On this trip we find a scenic view from the Dumbara Valley. It was like a fast-moving wind. Riverstone is a place where you can easily see the beauty of the Dumbara Forest Reserve. this addition, there are several hidden waterfalls in this beautiful paradise.

“Sera Ella”

The Bambarakiri Falls is a beautiful waterfall formed by streams flowing through the mountains of the Dumbara Valley. it about 200 meters above from the main road on the Rattota road in Matale.

The water flows down in sections on several vulneraible ponds. In the middle of the waterfall you can see a suspension vine bridge connecting the two sides Bambarakiri Falls is an ideal place for photography with its breathtaking surroundings.

You can also find a small tea shop nearby in babarakiri ella.

You can also eat hot bread at this place. It should travel about 1km. The beauty of the environment alone does not make you feel tired. If you walk in the rain, you can see the leeches. If you go uphill with such enthusiasm and coldness, you can watch the fall or the little end of the world.

“Small world End”

Those who travel by their own vehicle do not take tickets to visit Easy and Riverstone.

“Babarakiri Ella”

RIWESTON is mainly rain forest in sri lanka. There are several viewpoints to see the surroundings, You can camping too.

Communication Tower



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